If your injury is work related you need to seek prior approval to come and see the team at HandsOn Therapy. To do this, just call your Case Manager and explain that you have been referred to us for management of your injury. ALL therapy needs to be approved by your Case Manager. 

The staff at HandsOn work closely with Insurers and Employers to ensure that staff can return to work safely as soon as possible, after a work related injury. This may require the development of a Suitable Duties Plan, which may need a Therapist to visit the workplace and assess the tasks that the injured worker can perform. 

These plans are overseen and approved by the treating doctor/surgeon and are tailored to each individual worker and duties performed. The duties are altered as the worker gains more strength and flexibility to perform additional tasks until they are able to return to the full duties they were performing prior to the injury. 

Not all companies are insured by Workcover, many have their own Insurance to cover workplace accidents and injuries, if you are unsure please speak to your HR department or your supervisor. 

When coming along to an appointment be sure to bring along:

  • Your referral from your doctor
  • Current Workcover Certificate
  • Any X-Rays or further examinations that you have had