Hand therapists are occupational therapists and physiotherapists who are accredited by a national body - Australian Hand Therapy Association - in recognition of a demonstrated wide range of skills and the minimum three year full time accumulation of clinical experience. 

Continued professional education is required and monitored to maintain status within the national association. 

Hand therapists are adept at assessment of a range of pathologies associated with:

  • Post surgical conditions

  • Cumulative soft tissue trauma involving multiple structures and sites

  • Pain conditions

  • Ligamentous and tendon injuries

  • Nerve and vascular compromise

  • Early arthritis

Management techniques used at HandsOn for soft tissue conditions include:

  • Rigid splinting to rest acutely inflamed structures

  • Use of heat, cold and electrical modalities (ultrasound and TENS) for pain, inflammation and stiffness

  • A variety of massage techniques including trigger point, myofascial, deep tissue and friction massage

  • Re-education of movement patterns including for work practices

  • Stretches and strengthening

  • Task simplification and provision of assistive devices

Post surgical management includes:

  • Focused wound care and compression bandaging to optimise healing and allow early exercise and hand use

  • Fabrication of rigid plastic splints to protect repaired structures and allow prescribed movement

  • Use of silicone media, massage techniques and compression for scar management

  • Nerve desensitisation and re-education techniques

  • Exercises, strengthening and endurance

  • Initiation and facilitation of the return to work process during the rehabilitation phase

  • Provision of ancillary services including exercise physiology and psychology